Why It’s Important to Switch Your Instagram to a Business Profile, Even If You Are Not a Business

You have probably noticed many people on Instagram slowly make the switch from a personal page to a business account. All of a sudden, people are entrepreneurs, personal blogs, dancers, artists, or public figures. By switching your Instagram to a business account, you now have access to a ton of useful information. Information that will help you grow your Instagram and keep track of your success.


Instagram has a great feature for all business accounts that allows you to see who exactly your followers are. Information provided includes where your followers are located, the age distribution of your followers, and the gender distribution of your followers. Do the results of these match up with your target audience? If not, you might need to regroup and make some adjustments.


You are given insight into which days of the week your followers are the most active, and the average times each day when they are active on Instagram. This is a crucial tool to help you decide when is the best time for you to post in order to get the most traffic. Are Tuesday’s between 12 pm and 6 pm when your followers are the most active? Try to schedule all of your posts to go up during that window.

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You are able to view weekly interactions such as the number of times your profile was viewed, the number of clicks on the website in your bio, and number of times your email was tapped on within the current seven-day period. Instagram also shows how it compares to the previous week. Your total reach (number of unique accounts that have seen your posts) and impressions are also calculated each week. Are you improving or falling short from the week prior? Take a look at what you did differently and act accordingly. 

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Instagram provides useful insights for each of your posts. You can see how many people sent your post to other accounts through Direct Messaging, or even how many people saved your post. The number of profile visits you received directly from the post, and how many people the post reached are also provided.

All in all, becoming a business account on Instagram has become less about looking popular or cool, and more about utilizing all of the great tools Instagram can provide you to help grow your brand or business. Your audience, follower activity, weekly stats/progress, and photo insights all play an important role in the success or failure of growing your personal Instagram into a business account.

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By: Alyssa DiCaterino

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