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  • Make sure the email that you used for registration on Instagram is real, and you have access to it.
  • The email, you used for registration on Instagram is confirmed and approved by Instagram.
  • It is recommended to bind your Instagram account to any Facebook page by signing up for a free business profile.
  • Please turn off two-factor authentication if it is currently active.
  • Upload an avatar and fill in your profile.
  • Add at least 15 photos to your account from a mobile phone.
  • Ensure that your content does not violate the rules of Instagram. We are not responsible for accounts that violate Instagram policy.
  • International cards will be charged on account setup, but you will be covered by our 10-day money back guarantee! 
  • Your consulting time is not active until after your first payment.

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To increase marketing results, please take a look at the below classes before providing targeting.


Instagram Handle - Please provide the login username for your Instagram this usually is your handle but could also be an email.

Code - This is your Instagram password. Please confirm your PASSWORD is exactly as you enter it when logging in. Checking for capitalizations will save setup time.

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