Guide to a Successful Online Business

Find the answer to the most common question new entrepreneurs ask, “Where do I start?”

Understand the fundamentals of business:

Offering - What products or services are you selling?

Channel - How are you selling and getting paid for your offering?

Customers - Who will buy your offering and how do you create demand?

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What is covered?

The Guide to a Successful Online Business will open your eyes to the secrets of the entrepreneurial world. We document every step of the process, from developing your offering to growing your customer base. We do this with our overarching keys to any business: offering, channel, and customers. By the time you have finished this book, you will have the knowledge and resources needed to build your business. If you are just starting, stuck, or looking to grow, we will help you avoid costly and timely mistakes. Invest in your business and save yourself thousands of dollars by following simple game-changing advice.

The Guide to a Successful Online Business explains how to develop new ideas for a thriving business with a structured and mathematical process. You will learn simple but powerful financial tools to validate all opportunities. The guide teaches fundamentals to improve current business strategies and grow your channel. Whether you are just starting off, need ideas, want to join a startup, want to buy a small business or you are an experienced entrepreneur looking to improve performance, this guide is ideal for you.

Your Path

We will walk you through identifying opportunities, evaluating an offering, assessing the market, refining your business strategy, defining tools to run your business, creating your entity, banking, and accounting processes. You will learn the startup language and discover strategies the professionals are using!

The Guide Is Ideal If You:

Are just getting started

Need ideas

Want to join a startup

Want to buy an online business

Are an experienced entrepreneur!

How Will You Benefit?

The guide will develop your techniques to reduce startup cost, minimize the time till you are profitable, optimize internal processes and build passive income opportunities.

Covered Topics

Accounting, Affiliate marketing, Amazon, Analyzing your offering, Applications to run your business, Banking, Blogging, Business naming, Channel, Content marketing, Creating an advertisement, Customer development, eBay, Drop shipping, Email marketing, Financial calculations, Finding your ideal offering, Fulfillment, Getting press coverage, Graphic design, Offering creation, Importing, Liability, Manufacturing, Passive income, Private labeling, Rebranding, Repurposing, Sales channels, Sales funnels, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, Selecting your entity, Shopify, Social media marketing, Software as a service, Startup cost, State tax ID, Types of business, Video marketing, Virtual assistants, Website development, Wholesale, and more!

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