Instagram is a platform built for trend-oriented, fast-paced interactions and mass engagement. As a small business owner, you need to make the most of the 1 billion people who are on Instagram every month by displaying your offerings and projecting their value into the Instagram universe. The Five Day Startup is a business built to help with marketing on Instagram for small businesses just like yours.

In today’s new blog series, Instagram For Small Business, we will explore the ways that your restaurant can effectively channel the power of Instagram into meaningful results. In an industry where time is a precious commodity and there is always another inventory check, new hire screening, or vendor order to complete, The Five Day Startup is here to help with more than just great tips and information. We are a full-service Instagram Marketing company that specializes in helping with Instagram for Small Business. If you’d like help marketing your restaurant on Instagram, contact us today.


Promote Your Perks

There are certain things your restaurant does better than others, and these are exactly the kinds of things you should be promoting on your small business Instagram account. Can you highlight the expertise and resume of your head chef and take pictures of him crafting in the kitchen? Is your tequila list the most extensive in the town? If it is, a Tuesday Tequila highlight post featuring unique brands you carry will land well. Take what you do well and promote it to the Instagram community.

Be True To Your Brand

Although Instagram users love creativity and originality from small businesses, they want you to be authentic as well. Don’t try and appeal to a burger and fries crowd when you serve Neopolitan pizza — theme, plan, and create your posts to represent your true brand and engage the people who want the experience you have to offer.

Push Your Specials

From happy hours to daily specials, Instagram users want to know what kind of deals and limited time opportunities they can take advantage of. On days when these events take place, push out a post that highlights what is up for grabs and why people should stop by to get it.

Work To Gain An Influencer

No matter what type of food you serve, there is a “foodie” who is all about it. From five-pound burrito challenge seekers to traditional French cuisine critics, there are influencers online who can help you be seen. Reach out to these types with direct messaging and offer them a free meal or pay per post to talk about your restaurant and food.

Create Opportunities for Engagement

Instagram users don’t just want to see your small business on Instagram, they want to participate in the fun. Create fun ways for people to engage like contests for people who post pics of their meals, opportunities to name your new menu item, or provide some other way to get them involved. You can even nudge people by adding hashtags and your account name to your menu and menu items.

Be Strategic

Think about when you can reach people. When do they get off work? When are your specials available? Most importantly, what food and restaurant oriented tending hashtags can you use on your posts.



We know you know that Instagram for your small business is important. We also know you’re busy. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help.

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