Given it’s fast-paced, content-oriented nature, Instagram is an amazing mass-engagement platform for lots of different kinds of small businesses. In today’s blog from The Five Day Startup — a Top Rated National® Instagram marketing agency — we will discuss the best ways to use Instagram in one industry that is tough to advertise for: music.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of musicians online who are looking to promote everything from new albums or singles to their very first show. So how can you use Instagram to cut through all the noise and be seen? The Five Day Startup has the answers. Read on to learn more or contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you increase Instagram followers and be seen on social media.


An overarching theme for this article, and really for all Instagram users who are trying to promote themselves or their business, is to remain true to your brand identity. Don’t focus on creating content that you think others will want to see, instead, but your band’s true identity out into the Instagram universe and connect with people who that identity resonates with.


There is no silver bullet for picking the right frequency for posting, but in general, research shows that daily posting is important and that a second daily post isn’t going to hurt you.


Often neglected by musicians who have so much new news for their fans, make sure to regularly update your profile to promote new music, videos on youtube, upcoming shows, or fan pages.


Although the run time is limited to 60 seconds, Instagram is underutilized as a platform for video, which tends to get high levels of engagement. Clip and edit longer videos to provide trailers and teasers for your fans.


Carve out a little time every day to respond to questions, tag venues and bars you perform in and follow and like posts from other artists. The more places you are, the more you can be seen.


Use your posts and engagement activities to draw attention to important details, like upcoming shows, rapidly selling tickets, or new bands you are opening for or vice versa. Be intentional about providing information that allows your followers to share or take meaningful follow-up actions.


When it comes to promoting your business or band on Instagram, remember that you are creating your own documentary. You, behind the scenes, have access of what the band does, eats, and laughs about when they are not on stage or recording is something special for your fans or for future followers who can begin to realize that they share a lot in common with you.


At the end of the day, you may love creating music for the sake of music, but eating and having enough gas in the van to get to your next gig is important, too. Make sure to share pictures and videos of your merchandise, run a contest for giveaways when you print new shirts, and allow fans to help pick the name of a new album to promote your work as well as earn engagement. You can even share links directly to your online store.


These tips can help you take your Instagram promotion game to the next level, but if you really want to make a splash, we have so much more to share. Contact the Five Day Startup today for a free consultation and watch your Instagram following grow.

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