How to Know if an Engagement Group is Right for You

These days it is not only important to have a large following on Instagram but more than ever, a pages engagement rate is beginning to matter more and more. Whether you are a company looking to convert your audience into more sales or an influencer looking to land sponsors, having a highly engaged following is a huge competitive advantage. One way to increase your engagement rate is through the use of an Engagement Group.

What is an Engagement Group?

An Engagement Group, or Instagram Pod as they are sometimes called, is a group of 10-20 people in a group chat that all interact with each other’s posts. Everyone in the group gives like and comments to each other’s pictures. People use pods as a way to beat Instagram’s algorithm. Ever since the social media platform switch from organizing your feed by time posted to relevancy, users have been trying to figure out ways to game the system. Since relevancy is determined by the amount of people that like and comment on the post when its first published, engagement pods help to boost that picture to the Discover page and to others peoples Home screen.

How Do I Find the Right One?  

Most people find the right one by searching for groups on Facebook. Usually you can find a group for your particular niche, be it fitness, travel, fashion, etc., and then in that group you can search for a post about creating one and join.You can also search Twitter mentions, Instagram Subreddit, or a simple google search can help you to find the right one.  Another option is to create one of your own. Reach out to those in your network or account that you admire to see if they are interested in participating in your engagement group. One way to make them more effective is to ensure that your group is formed with people who have similar profiles or else it will not work as well.

How Do I Participate?

Typically these pods leverage Facebook or the Telegraph app. Each one has a set of rules and requirements in order to ensure fairness and effectiveness. Be sure to read the rules and follow them closely so you don’t run the risk of being kicked out. Once you find a group you want to be involved with or you start your own the next step is just to simply get started. Share your posts with the group and be sure to like or comment on all of the content of the others in the group, in adherence to the rules.

Why Do I Need One?

As you can see, Instagram Pods are a great way to boost engagement and increase your chances of hitting the Discover page. This can help to grow your following as well as strengthen your page. The stronger your page is, the more likely you are to be successful in marketing your business or becoming an influencer that brands want to advertise with. An engagement group can help you achieve this if you find the right one and leverage it properly.

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