How to drive sales using Instagram stories The Five Day Startup

Instagram Stories had been going on for a while, and they are a powerful tool to engage with your followers and lead sales. In essence, a Story is a short video (15 seconds) or image that can be customized using links, hashtags, mentions, etc. You may think 15 seconds are not enough to play with, but recent studies have discovered that the human attention span decreased to 8 seconds and you can take advantage of this by creating a big impression in your stories.

Here are some of the best practices when using Instagram Stories to market your business:

Live videos

Live videos on Instagram Stories are one of the best options you have to engage with your followers and lead to new sales. For example, if you are offering a service, you may do a Live Q&A and at the same time, pitch your business idea to potential customers. If you have a brick and mortar store, you can showcase your products, and give more information about the materials used, prices, how you can use them, and also create brand awareness. It can be something fun like broadcasting from your offices and showing your brand culture to your clients; this will help to humanize your brand. Live videos are highly effective because they show first in your stories feed when you are broadcasting, and your followers get notified when you are going live. You may select to save your Live video in your Stories as well, and they will appear just like a regular Story for 24 hours so people that missed the broadcast can stay tuned.

Interactive Stickers

Stickers are also an excellent tool for engagement. There are plenty of interactive stickers that you can use. A “countdown” sticker for your online launch or your store opening, a “Poll” sticker for your customers to choose option A and B. This is great, especially for market research. You can also do a Q&A in your regular stories by adding a “Questions” Sticker, you will be able to answer them publicly, or you can respond via private message to the person who asked you the question.


If you have 10K or more followers, the “Swipe up” option will be available for you. If you are launching a product, or if you just posted a blog on your site, you can add the link and when your followers “swipe up” they are directed to that link, saving time and avoiding losing their attention by going to the website manually; this is an excellent feature for driving traffic to your site. Make it as catchy as possible.

Instagram Takeovers

You may partner with another brand, or with another influencer and give them free access to post on your stories. This is great for engaging with your followers and attracting the followers of the person that’s taking over your account. For example, during Fashion Week, brands use a celebrity or an influencer to take over their stories and post from backstage, the runway, and the after party to create awareness and make their brand stronger.


If you have a small company and don’t have design skills, you may use different free sources like Canva to post quality material, or you may hire assistance from platforms like Fiverr where you can hire a designer for a small project.

Plan ahead! Marketing is all about planning and testing new ideas, and what better (and inexpensive) way to do it than with a 15-second video. Stories should be part of your branding as well, plan them so they can fit your brand.

Create awareness for your live videos beforehand. Even though your contacts will be notified (if they have selected it), you can also increase your audience by letting them know when you will go live.

Remember that for Stories to be useful, you will need the best audience, and The Five Day Startup can help you build your audience by driving traffic and engaging with existing followers and potential customers every day!. See our packages here or schedule a discovery call with one of our consultants. We have a solution for every need.

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