Five Simple Steps To Grow Your Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account that stands out from thousands of others can be difficult if you’re not sure how to set it up. However, following these five steps points will automatically make your Instagram look different. With these easy changes, watch your Instagram account grow at a rapid and efficient rate.

Creating A Niche

Creating a specific niche for your Instagram is important. Pick a certain topic of interest whether it be sports, fitness, fashion, traveling, photography, etc. This is the first thing to gaining a higher following on Instagram because you’re creating a specific audience. If you’re a fitness account, you will attract anyone who is interested in to learn more and keep up with the fitness industry. If your feed is about fitness, you won’t be posting about the latest artist who just came into town. It is key to know exactly what you want your Instagram feed to be because all of your activity and postings will relate to that exact niche.

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Creating A Preset/Filter For Your Images To Have A Constant Theme

Have you ever come across an Instagram account and noticed that all of their photos have a similar color scheme? This is because they are using the same filter for all of their photos. Using the same colors for your images will create an aesthetically pleasing theme which will attract viewers to your account with the consistency. You can create these presets yourself through programs such as Adobe Lightroom or you can purchase them already created online simply by searching “Purchasing Lightroom Presets” on google. A number of sites will allow you to purchase one or two of your favorites.

Archiving Your Photos

Once you have your niche, you’re going to want all of your photos to relate. Instead of creating a whole new account or deleting photos that do not relate, you can archive them. Follow these steps to do so: Click on the image, click the three dots at the top right of the photo, and click on archive. Any photo that you do this to will be sent to the archive folder of your account. This allows you to bring photos on and off your feed at any time.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags can be used a couple different ways on Instagram. You are allowed to use up to thirty hashtags for each comment and/or photo on Instagram. When using hashtags, you want to make sure you’re using ones relative to your account. For example: If your account is fitness base, using hashtags such as #fitgirl and #health are acceptable. However, you would not use the hashtag #gucci in reference to fashion. To avoid clutter on photo captions, create a comment full of all of the hashtags you are using on your post OR you can create several line breaks on your captions using dots, lines, etc. for about 5-7 lines below your caption. Create a line break by using a symbol and the return key. You can also use hashtags in your bio to help express what your account is about. It’s crucial to use hashtags that are going to be important to your account and not using them to just have up to thirty. Sometimes less is more. You can search which hashtags are popular using the search bar on Instagram and typing relative hashtags, clicking on them, and seeing the number of users at the top.

Including A Link In Your Bio

Instagram allows you to have a link in your bio. Follow these steps to do so: Click on edit profile, copy & paste the URL into the website category. Links are important to your account because it allows followers to see more of your work and what you do. If you’re working with another Instagram account, you can use the “@“ following the account name to tag the account, allowing followers to click on it to view.

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By Cheyanne Powell

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