Do you ever wonder how people have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram story and feed? Organizing your Instagram to fit a specific format draws more of an audience to your feed because you’re showing a distinct difference to your posts compared to others.

Use these two apps to help organize your Instagram posts for both your feed and your stories. These two apps allow for you to be more creative and engaging with your audience through design layouts, photos, filters, and more.


Canva is a graphic design app that has hundreds of design templates or allows you to create your own. Teachers, students, bloggers, small or large companies, and the perfect Instagram user, uses this app. You can produce tons of graphic design images including Instagram posts, Instagram stories, logos, mood boards, documents and more. It even has a main category strictly for Instagram Stories where it allows you to pick your favorite layout and edit it to the text or image that you would like to use.

A tip on using the app to create your story: Create every layout that you want to use for your account and save them to your phone. Once you have the graphics completed, then go to your Instagram to upload them to your story by choosing “Select Multiple” this way they all upload on time and in order.


Preview is an app that allows you to schedule the timing of your posts and allows you to arrange the order of your photos. Let’s say you don’t have time every single day to create and edit your post by a specific time. No problem because Preview will do this for you. Just go into the app, upload the photo you want to post, select a date/time when you would like it uploaded and when that time comes, Preview will notify you that the post is ready to be uploaded. From there, you go into the app, go to the photo, press “export,” use your caption and hashtag created, and then “post.” In the future, the app will hopefully post automatically, but for now, it saves a ton of time by letting you prepare several photos at once with a few clicks of a button.

Preview also allows you to upload multiple images and videos at once if you want to create an album. Also, the app will enable you to delete photos, edit photos, caption photos, create collections, analytics, reposts images, and arrange your photos in whatever format pleases you the most. Another great perk about the app is the Hashtag Finder. The Hashtag Finder allows you to search hashtags related to a particular category for each of your posts. For future use, you can even save a hashtag in a group by clicking on the “+” button and giving it a name.


These tips can help you take your Instagram promotion game to the next level, but if you really want to make a splash, we have so much more to share. Contact the Five Day Startup today for a free consultation and watch your Instagram following grow.

 By: Cheyanne Powell

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