3 To Do’s when marketing yourself on Instagram

From being acquired by Facebook, to incorporating Stories, to introducing IGTV, Instagram has become a cost-effective, streamlined platform that offers friends, businesses, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach mass numbers of people.  Instagram’s offerings in direct messaging (DM), sponsored ads, and customizable posts continue to help smaller fish grow in larger and larger ponds. If […]

Why Your Business Needs Instagram Exposure

More and more businesses are taking their brands online each and every day.  Time and money tend to force a question that most of those businesses need to answer — where do I focus my resources? The Five Day Startup is here to help you understand why Instagram is probably a great place for you […]

3 Not To Do’s when marketing yourself on Instagram

Recently, we covered 3 To Do’s when marketing yourself on Instagram, which you can find here.  I don’t know about you, but I often figure out what to do by understanding what NOT to do. Without further ado, let’s look at the flip side of successfully marketing yourself on Instagram. Here are 3 Not To Do’s […]

Business Owners: OWN your offering!

Whether you already own a business, or you’re looking to start a business, you must identify, clarify, and materialize your core offering before you can consider additional competencies, scale, and market penetration. Without a sound and executable offering, your business will not survive. Your business offering is what drives your initial business opportunities and serves as […]

How Instagram Works As A Sales Funnel

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to increase Instagram followers and take advantage of the power of Instagram for small business, then The Five Day Start Up has a great tool to share with you. Take a look at our engagement and sales funnel built to help you understand actionable steps […]

Business Owners: CHANNEL your offering!

Whether you already own a business, or you’re looking to start a business, you must FIRST develop your core offering and THEN create your channel to sell your offering.  If you want more information on how to select your offering, prioritize your suite of offerings, and adapt future offerings, view our recent post here. With your […]

Business Owners: FIND your customer!

We’ve previously discussed the importance of Offerings and Channels. Now, we’re focusing on the Customer. Without customers, your business doesn’t exist.  Plain and simple. More and more companies are including “customer-centric” language into their values because they understand that the customer is the primary reason for a business’ success. Your idea can be transformative, and […]

Instagram For Small Business: Restaurants

Instagram is a platform built for trend-oriented, fast-paced interactions and mass engagement. As a small business owner, you need to make the most of the 1 billion people who are on Instagram every month by displaying your offerings and projecting their value into the Instagram universe. The Five Day Startup is a business built to help with […]

How To Use Instagram For Business

Is it valuable for you to use Instagram for business? I don’t need to know your business, your industry, or your target market to answer this question. Because the answer to this question will always be, without a doubt … YES! Trust me, Instagram isn’t JUST for personal use.  And if you don’t trust me […]

How To Monetize Your Instagram

I recently wrote an article about leveraging Instagram for your business needs.  Click here to learn how to use Instagram for your business. Now that you’ve read about Instagram Business, let’s talk about ways that you can monetize Instagram. Monetize Instagram The first step is to leverage affiliate marketing by using affiliate networks.  Affiliate marketing is entirely free, […]