FIND your customer!

We’ve previously discussed the importance of Offerings and Channels.

Now, we’re focusing on the Customer.

Without customers, your business doesn’t exist.  Plain and simple.

More and more companies are including “customer-centric” language into their values because they understand that the customer is the primary reason for a business’ success.

Your idea can be transformative, and your work ethic can be above all else.  But if the customer doesn’t support you, neither your idea or your work ethic can keep your business afloat.


When thinking about your customer avatar, ask yourself: “Who will buy your offering and how do you create demand?”

To build customer demand, you will need to create a marketing and advertising strategy.

With the use of word-of-mouth marketingnetworkingsocial media marketing, and search engine optimization, you will know how to attract your customers and create powerful sales funnels. It’s easy to get lost in hundreds of marketing opportunities, but it’s critical to remember your goals and follow a tiered method that works for you and your customer base.

Word-of-mouth marketing will help create a network of ambassadors who promote your brand, refine your brand, and transform your brand over time.  Although word-of-mouth marketing and networking take time to monetize, they are extremely powerful in attracting, retaining, and engaging your customers.

Social media marketing is becoming more relevant as ecommerce and “social sharing” grow in popularity.  Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook provide content to BILLIONS of people every day.  And with all the data that social media users provide to their sites of choice, you can effectively target your desired customer for minimal cost and maximal reach.

Instagram Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) will also help maximize your reach, but only if you execute it correctly.  At its core, SEO helps your business appear higher on search results, making your business more accessible to the searcher.  SEO involves key words, content creation, and targeted campaigns to attract your desired customer.  Some sites, like Rank Pay, allow you to test key words and see how often they’re searched online.  If you opt to utilize SEO for your business, I recommend you either familiarize yourself with SEO or outsource your SEO efforts to an expert – this type of marketing is highly strategic and requires a level of expertise that many business owners may not fully realize.

To truly optimize your marketing and advertising strategy, you must learn to work comfortably with one medium before moving on to the next. When you test different strategies, you can identify your most profitable campaigns and cultivate tangible value along every step of your marketing and advertising strategy.

And above all else, always keep your customer in mind.  Wherever your customer is … GO there!  Whether he/she is on Instagram, in the Northeast United States, or on a street corner.  Know your customer, engage your customer, and center your business around your customer.

After all, your customer is the sole reason your business exists today.  Treat your customer well, and your business will grow and scale accordingly.

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Guide to a Successful Online Business

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By Kyle Crooke

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