Fundamentals: Using Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram now boasts over one billion active users per month as of July 2018. Small and large businesses alike are flocking to the channel to try and take advantage of the visibility and engagement that make it such an advantageous platform to market on. But how do you take advantage of such a dynamic and evolving social media platform? In today’s blog from The Five Day Startup, we will examine how small businesses interested in Instagram marketing can leverage the nuances of the platform into monetary success.

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Set Your Goals First

The very first rule of successful Influencer Marketing on Instagram is to have a tangible goal before you take any action. What exactly do you want to accomplish with your Instagram marketing campaign? Do you want better brand awareness? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Maybe you want to increase sales. Knowing what you want to accomplish will help you come up with action items and accurately measure your success over time.

Determine What Kind Of Influencer You Need

Who is the best person to represent your brand? Is it a man or a woman? Does your brand require a formal, serious tone, or would it benefit more from someone who excels at having fun and generating laughter? Knowing how your brand needs to be represented will help you find the perfect candidates for your influencer marketing.

Do Your Research

Once you know what mood, voice, image, etc. that your brand needs, you can create a short list of candidates to research and reach out to. Understanding things like the number of followers that they have and their average level of engagement are important for finding value in your future partnership. Additionally, you want to fully understand what compensation for your influencers services looks like — pricing greatly varies across the range of Instagram influencers.

Provide A Plan For A Structured Partnership

At the end of the day, your business, your brand, and your products or services are yours. You don’t want to turn full creative license over to an influencer who you don’t already have a longstanding and successful relationship with. They need to understand how to present a consistent message and theme that aligns with your current marketing efforts.

Also, you’ll want to know what they are doing for you. Are they going to be creating sponsored posts or providing reviews or unboxings? Will it be more effective for them to run contests or become brand ambassadors and work to sell the products themselves for a cut of the profits? These are crucial questions to answer ahead of any Instagram influencer campaign.

Take Ownership of Disclosing Your Relationship

Finally, you need to understand that there are actually guidelines laid out by the Federal Trade Commission about how you and your influencer need to disclose your business relationship. At the end of the day, you must understand that you alone bear the ultimate responsibility for making sure this is done the right way. Educate yourself and hold your influencers accountable.

Contact The Experts At The Five Day Startup For Help

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