Building a following on Instagram is one thing, but building a community is a completely different task. It is essential to ensure high engagement helping convert followers into fans. You can convert a loyal audience into sales or leverage your engagement when negotiating with brands.

Beautiful Feed

The key to any strategy on Instagram is first ensuring that your feed is consistent and looks good. Leverage planning apps to help you not only create beautiful content but also post at optimal times. The main point is that you want your audience not to feel like a bunch of people are posting. It’s hard for an audience to connect with you if they are not sure who you are. High-quality pictures and a strong bio that details who you are is the first step towards creating a community online

Use Emotion

Along with quality content, you should be sharing about yourself in ways that tap into other’s emotional needs. Audiences are turning away from celebrities and looking for “real” people to connect with on Instagram. By sharing your story, you allow followers to feel attached to you. The stronger they feel a bond, the more likely they are to engage with your content. Personal stories allow people to feel like they are not alone and they are part of something bigger than themselves. By doing this you are filling their emotional needs and creating a community.

Incite Reactions

Another way to incite engagement is to get followers actively involved via your captions. By asking them to “Double Tap If” or “Tag a Friend If” they agree/disagree makes them feel included like you are calling them out specifically. If you associate this with a post that makes them feel good about themselves then you are building a community. If the user feels like they are agreeing with you about something you both feel strongly about then you are creating a bond that goes past just a simple like on a photo.

Engage Back

Respond to comments, direct messages, and engage with your followers. Be sure that you are not only pushing content out but that you are also replying when someone interacts with you. Also, seek out others that you think would be interested in your community by liking and commenting on their content. Ask questions and spark conversation. Try to make everything a two-way conversation that engages everyone.

Custom Hashtag

Once you have built up a strong engagement on your profile, the next step is to transition it into a community through the use of a common hashtag. Create a tribe by giving them a name, a tagline, a way for them to recognize other people in the same group. By using the hashtag consistently and by encouraging your followers to use it as well, you are sharing the stage with your audience and making them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.


Creating a community online can help to boost a page’s engagement. By having a consistent feed with beautiful content, sharing your story in ways that connect to other’s emotions, inciting reactions to your posts, sparking conversation by engaging back, and creating a custom hashtag that allows your audience to identify other members of your tribe you can form a loyal fan base. This highly engaged community can translate to increased sales or higher sponsorship value for your page.

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