From being acquired by Facebook, to incorporating Stories, to introducing IGTV, Instagram has become a cost-effective, streamlined platform that offers friends, businesses, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach mass numbers of people.  Instagram’s offerings in direct messaging (DM), sponsored ads, and customizable posts continue to help smaller fish grow in larger and larger ponds.

If you want to better market yourself on Instagram, you should absolutely leverage DMs, ads, and posts as ways to connect with influencers and your target audience. 

But how should you frame these marketing offerings?  How should you approach them?  What should you convey when you implement them?

Here are 3 To Do’s that will significantly enhance your marketing approach and impact on clients, potential partners, and followers:

Look at these 3 To Do’s as tiers for enhancing your marketing, relationship building, and connectedness.  Quite frankly, all three of these topics are one in the same.

When you’re authentic, you present your full self to your audience as a way to represent yourself.  A one-way street.

When you’re personal, you individually connect with your audience members and allow them to open up to you.  A two-way street.

By Scott Bartnick

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